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    My Name Is Scott East.

    I am a Possibility Management Trainer, Feelings Coach and

    High Drama Theatre Director

  • Bridges to Next Culture stands in solidarity with the tribes whose Indigeneous Territory our trainings occur upon- including the Squamish Territory of Nex̱wlélex̱m (also known as Bowen Island) where our Center is currently located.
    Please visit www.indigenousrelationsconsultation.com for trainings in Indigenous Allyship.

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    May 2021

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    Scott East

    Clarity - Connection - Transformation - Love - Adventure

    Since I was a young boy, I have been profoundly connected to nature. I thought that everyone else felt the same. How could they not? The beauty and sacredness of nature seemed obvious to me.

    Sadly, the opposite is true. Protecting the life-supporting natural systems of this planet is seen as counterproductive and unprofitable by the standards of modern culture, and so the Earth is being completely disregarded. I've now learned that a key cause of this is that modern culture has forsaken and done away with the rite of passage ceremonies which ensure that we humans grow to be true adults- ensuring that each of us have the capacity to take full responsibility for life.

    When I discovered Possibility Management, everything changed for me. I'm continually amazed by the bravery, wisdom and brilliance that Possibility Managers embody to challenge one another to grow into the kinds of Kings, Queens, Sorceresses, Wizards, Warriors and Warrioresses that this earth is calling to step forward to protect her. I am so excited for more collaborators to join the incredible journey that Possibility Management is initiating in the hearts of so many!